Hair dye

Hello everyone :-))

I know, no one is reading this but still I go on. I haven’t been online for a while and that’s because of school and problems around my private life. 

One of that problems is that I have a crush, and not a little one but a huge one. It’s my ex but when we had a relation we were 10 or so, it wasn’t real stuff. 

I was at his house because it was his mother’s birthday and my mum and his mum are friends so I had to come. Well he have a kinda lake in his garden so he also had a small boat and he asked me to go with him in that boat. He stepped in that boat and I was there awkward being, trying to get in that boat but I failed, so he gave me a hand to get in it and wow it were the best seconds of my life.

But this post is going to be about hairdye. 

Like so many people are afraid of dying their hairs, in pastel colors or natural colors. They are afraid of being judged. Well my hair is for a part blue and people call me ‘blue monster’ or ‘smurf’ but you know what, I don’t give a *** about it. I know that when I dyed my hair the whole school was looking at me, it was so weird. 

But it shows that I’m not afraid of being me, I like my hair now and nobody can change that fact. But still I’m trying to find myself, because in a kinda war with myself I lost.

Where can you find good hairdye? 


I bought there hair dye from Manic Panic

They have a lot of different colors, natural and pastel.

I once dyed my hair blonde but that I did by the barber.

Hope you enojoyed it

– x


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